The following is a table showing the programs used for the search of Fermat number factors.
You see the name of the program, the type of the program, the owner ID as it appears on the factors page
and the full name of the writer of the program.

Program nameTypeowner idowner name
FermatSieve+trial division Durman Leonid Durman
FermFact Siever Fougeron Jim Fougeron
Proth Primality tester Gallot Yves Gallot
NewPGen Siever Jobling Paul Jobling
LLR Primality tester Penné Jean Penné
SrSieve Siever Reynolds Geoffrey Reynolds
GMP-FermatSieve+trial division Rodenkirch Mark Rodenkirch
PRP Primality tester Woltman George Woltman
Prime95 Primality tester Woltman George Woltman
mmffSieve+trial division Woltman George Woltman
GMP-ECM Factorizer Zimmermann Paul Zimmermann
pmfsSieve+trial division Gostin Gary Gostin
FeromantSieve+trial division Maznichenko Roman Maznichenko
pfgw Primality tester Rodenkirch, WoltmanMark Rodenkirch, George Woltman
ppSieve_CUDA Siever Brazier Ken Brazier
Feromant_CUDASieve+trial division MaznichenkoRoman Maznichenko
AthGFN64 SieverUnderbakke, Gallot, CarmodyDavid Underbakke, Yves Gallot, Phil Carmody
GeneFer Primality tester Gallot, RodenkirchYves Gallot, Mark Rodenkirch
ppSieve Siever Brazier Ken Brazier
ppSieve_CL Siever Brazier Ken Brazier
GPU-ECM Factorizer Zimmermann Paul Zimmermann
gfndsieve Siever Rodenkirch Mark Rodenkirch
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