Reservation of a range

To not duplicate work others, it is necessary to reserve a range for calculations. Here you can reserve to yourselves a range and send results of the work. You can use this form for calculation of time. Load her to itself and use as the calculator.

nMin=   nMax=
kMin=   kMax=
CPU MHz   Hours per day
Name   Email:
Country: if not on Status.htm
It requires approx.   Recommended Program

While all data are sent on email, some time for their processing is required.

One N should be reserved for N up to 100.
Ten N should be reserved for N from 101 to 500.
Fifty N should be reserved for N from 501 to 1000.
A hundred N should be reserved for N from 1001 to 10000.
A thousand N should be reserved for N from 10001 to 100000.

It is suggested that a range be picked that can be completed or updated via email in about a 2-3 month period of time. If a range is reserved for more than 6 months without a status update, you will be contacted via e-mail. If that is unsuccessful, the range will be unreserved.

This Excel file shows some timings for N, according to the already factored ranges.

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