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  Last update : 22 Sep 2018
Factoring  work : 231,910.244 P_II/400 CPU years
Ecm work : 6,414.081 P_II/400 CPU years
Gfn work : 7,210.897 P_II/400 CPU years
Cumulative work : 245,535.222 P_II/400 CPU years

Active users : 19
Total users : 159


James Blackford


       Researcher         From N   To N   From k   To k   CPU time   Factoring type 
James Blackford 76076935,000,000,00040,000,000,000260.490factoring
James Blackford 77077930,000,000,00035,000,000,000267.344factoring
James Blackford 78078930,000,000,00035,000,000,000274.288factoring
James Blackford 78078935,000,000,00040,000,000,000274.288factoring
James Blackford 78078940,000,000,00045,000,000,000274.288factoring
James Blackford 79079930,000,000,00035,000,000,000281.320factoring
James Blackford 79079935,000,000,00040,000,000,000281.320factoring
CPU time (PII/400 days)1,913.338

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