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  Last update : 14 May 2022
Factoring  work :   518,278.222 P_II/400 CPU years
Ecm work : 26,996.576 P_II/400 CPU years
Gfn work : 33,725.078 P_II/400 CPU years
Dbl check work : 1,907.768 P_II/400 CPU years
Cumulative work : 580,907.645 P_II/400 CPU years

Active users : 16
Total users : 170


Michael Eaton


       Researcher         From N   To N   From k   To k   CPU time   Factoring type   Completion date 
Michael Eaton 4343200,000,000,000,000250,000,000,000,000358.333factoring 
Michael Eaton 4343250,000,000,000,000300,000,000,000,000358.333factoring 
Michael Eaton 4343300,000,000,000,000350,000,000,000,000358.333factoring 
Michael Eaton 4343350,000,000,000,000400,000,000,000,000358.333factoring 
Michael Eaton 50054499,000,000,000985.000factoring 
Michael Eaton 50050930,000,000,00040,000,000,000227.033factoring 
Michael Eaton 51053920,000,000,00030,000,000,000736.291factoring 
Michael Eaton 51051930,000,000,00040,000,000,000236.113factoring 
Michael Eaton 52052930,000,000,00040,000,000,000245.371factoring 
CPU time (PII/400 days)3,863.140

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