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  Last update : 10 Dec 2018
Factoring  work : 255,367.001 P_II/400 CPU years
Ecm work : 6,723.650 P_II/400 CPU years
Gfn work : 7,513.497 P_II/400 CPU years
Dbl check work : 862.650 P_II/400 CPU years
Cumulative work : 270,466.798 P_II/400 CPU years

Active users : 17
Total users : 159


Tadashi Taura


       Researcher         From N   To N   From k   To k   CPU time   Factoring type 
Tadashi Taura 1621100,000,000,00030,000,000,000,000553.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 223132,000,000,000,00088.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 222525,000,000,000,00040,000,000,000,000235.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 32512,100,000,000146,500,000,00020.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 52992,100,000,00050,000,000,000122.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 1002204,294,000,00010,000,000,000166.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 5019993100,000,000259.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 501999200,000,000300,000,000259.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 501699300,000,000600,000,000193.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 1,0001,999320,000,000415.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 1,0001,99933,550,00070,000,000757.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 1,2001,99970,000,00090,000,000372.000factoring
Tadashi Taura 5,0005,999524,0001,000,000129.000factoring
CPU time (PII/400 days)3,568.000

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